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Age of Fear


This is not a book about terrorism. To be sure, many of the essays deal with such routine questions as: Who is a terrorist, How is post-modern terrorism different? Who are the victims? Most important, what causes terrorism? Most terrorism experts are concerned with finding answers to these questions. My aim is to problematise them. The answers to all these questions are contested, producing confusion, uncertainty and answers that are based more by emotion than reason. And this confusion, this contested understanding of who is your enemy is an integral feature of 'The Age of Fear'. This book -- the first in the 'Signature' Series -- is a choice collection of illuminating essays and other writings that encapsulate the author's outstanding contributions to the field of security studies worldwide, especially in the Southeast Asian region. Each chapter demonstrates clearly the author's incisive study and informed analysis into the various issues and events covered (Rupa, 2004).