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ISA Presidency, 2014-15

ISA Presidency, 2014-15

Poster created by School of International Service, American University


Amitav Acharya receiving the ISA Presidential gavel from outgoing President Harvey Starr. Read Harvey Starr's Introduction of Professor Acharya

Delivering the Presidential Address to the 55th Annual Convention of the International Studies Association.

The Presidential Address (original text) (slides accompanying the text)

The revised text of the Presidential Address appears in International Studies Quarterly, vol 58, no.4 (December 2014), pp.647-659.

Recording of the Presidential Address, Part I, Part II


A slide from the Presidential Address


Professor Acharya delivered the Presidential Address to the 55th Annual Convention of the International Studies Association in Toronto on 27 March 2014.  Entitled: “Global IR and Regional Worlds: A New Agenda for International Studies”, the Address urged IR scholars to accord greater recognition to the places, voices, and agency of the non-Western states and societies so as to transcend the West-Rest divide. The idea of Global IR revolves around six dimensions:

•       It is founded upon a pluralistic universalism: not ‘applying to all’, but recognizing and respecting the diversity in us

•       It is grounded in world history, not just Greco-Roman, European or US history

•       It subsumes, rather than supplants existing IR theories and methods

•       It integrates study of regions, regionalisms and area studies

•       It eschews exceptionalism

•       It recognizes multiple forms of agency beyond material power: including resistance, normative action, and local constructions of global order

The Global IR project holds that the best form universalism is pluralism. Being part of Global IR: means making IR not only safe for diversity but also enriched by it. Global IR is the theme of the ISA Convention in New Orleans in February 2015.

The revised text of the Address appears in International Studies Quarterly, vol 58, no.4 (December 2014), pp.647-659


"Exciting, Challenging, Fulfilling" - Amitav Acharya completes his term as President of the ISA (2014-15) at the 58th ISA Convention, New Orleans, February 18-21, 2015

ISA President Amitav Acharya with the program of the 56th Annual Convention of the ISA in New Orleans Feb 18-21, 2015. With him are Executive Director Tom Volgy (to his right) and incoming ISA President Paul Diehl.   

Read Acharya's reflections on the New Orleans Convention and the ISA